ACTPHAST European Photonics Forum
May 11

ACTPHAST European Photonics Forum

  • Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

The European Photonics Venture Forum is organised by the EU-supported ACTPHAST initiative, which enables high-tech SMEs to access advanced photonics technologies via partners spread across Europe. The EPVF is an annual event held in a new city each time, which is in Dublin this year. 

Drawing the Mind at Edinburgh Science Festival
2:30 pm14:30

Drawing the Mind at Edinburgh Science Festival

How does your brain work? This question has been puzzling scientists for centuries and will probably continue to do so far into the future. However, there is plenty we do know about the inner workings of the brain. Some of the most ground-breaking discoveries in neuroscience have come from making careful observational drawings from what can be seen in the brain when looking down a microscope. In this workshop you will use these methods of microscopy and art to understand the anatomy of the brain, the cells that it is composed of and how they connect to enable our brains to work.

Holoxica will be exhibiting digital holograms of the brain and a DTI dataset.