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Photonex 2011 Event

Holoxica is participating in the Photonex 2011 Event, which is an annual conference and exhibition focusing on the photonics industry including optics, sensing, instrumentation and many others. It is held in Coventry, UK, between 18-19th October. Holoxica is an active participant with a stand (nr I-01), organisation of a competition and a biophotonics conference session.

Exhibition stand Innovation-01

Come and visit us on stand Innovation-01 within the Innovation area of the exhibition. We will be showing some of the latest hologram designs, together with an overview of our hologram design services and production. We can make holograms of anything, from 3D models, scanned data, mathematical descriptions … If you have an idea but no 3D tools? No problem – we can even design the hologram for you!

Win a 3D hologram!

You can also enter our prize draw to win your very own 3D hologram of R2D2 or we will design a customised 3D hologram for you after the show. Visit Stand Innovation01 to enter.

Conference: Biomedical visualization with 3D holograms

Holoxica will be presenting a number of recent case studies in the bio-chemical and medical domains with a variety of designs ranging from molecules, DNA, proteins all the way to cells, organs and anatomy.  We will outline some of the challenges and processes involved in generating these images in holographic format.

A summary of the talk can be found here.

Holographic 3D projects in biochemistry, medicine and life sciences from holoxica on Vimeo


We gratefully acknowledge the support of Scottish Enterprise and Business Gateway in association with the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce in helping us with this event.

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