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Kickstarter project

We launched a campaign on Kickstarter which ended in Aug 2012. The idea was to to offer our real 3D holographic technology to consumers through pushing the boundary of 3D digital design. The holograms for this campaign were inspired by 2D illusionists artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Escher.

If you have already viewed our Kickstarter campaign, please take 3 minutes to complete our 10 question survey:

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This campaign was a challenge and we would like to thank everyone who helped us through it. First, we would like to thank our backers for your generous support. Please check our Facebook page to see your name on our donor wall :) .

We would also like to thank everyone who filled out the questionnaire. We learned a lot about our product’s position in the consumer market and the market’s readiness for such cutting edge technology. We are utilizing the insights gained through the survey to make our product and message clearer and better suited the wants and needs of our professional customers in scientific and technical imaging.

Thank all of you for your support. You can keep up-to-date with our progress and maintain your position in the early adoptive phase of our growth by following us on twitter, facebook and LinkedIn.

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  1. admin August 22, 2012

    good job

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