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Full-length human anatomy hologram

The full-length human anatomy hologram is designed for teaching medical students about the 3D structure of the human body. Prof. Gordon Findlater commissioned this hologram because “teaching the true 3D structure of human anatomy to medical students is very difficult in the early years because all of their material is in 2D”

Holoxica created the life-sized 1.7m hologram from a synthetic 3D model of a female. The hologram contains three layers of information on the muscle structures, skeleton complete with arteries plus nervous system; and the internal organs. One of the challenges facing medical learning is teaching the 3D structure of the body since their books are in 2D and so are the apps that they might get on tablets. The hologram is a full 3D image that conveys the necessary information to aid understanding of the different aspects of the human body. There is no other way to show this information.

This is certainly our most difficult and challenging design to date. The level of detail is extraordinary. Prof Findlater says: “This hologram has exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and clarity”.

The hologram will be placed in the Anatomy Museum at the Old Medical School at Edinburgh University. It will be used by the anatomy staff to teach medical students. The museum is open to the public on the last Saturday of each month.

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