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Biolab, University of York and ETDE

ETDE has designed a new biofuels laboratory facility for the University of York. ETDE is part of the Bouygues Energies & Services group including buildings and civil works.

ETDE commissioned Holoxica to produce a 60x85cm (A1 size) horizontally mounted hologram with four different views of this state of the art biofuel laboratory facility.

The first, front, view shows the whole building with the roof on; as you walk anti-clockwise, the second, side view strips away the roof and reveals the interior with labels for the main pieces of equipment. The rear view drops the labels and rear wall (see below) to reveal further details and the same is true of the remaining side view.

This design was featured on The Gadget Show, broadcast on 25th March 2013 on Channel 5, a national UK broadcaster.

For more information see:
ETDE York biolab page

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Home > Biolab, University of York and ETDE
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