Light Field Displays

The HoloVizio (TM) Light Field technology is based on a large array of projectors driving a holographic diffusion screen to produce a dense "field" of light rays. The projectors are driven by a server cluster that computes all of the rays corresponding to the 3D image from a wide range of angles (~70 degrees horizontal), in real-time. The HoloVizio 3D display is horizontal parallax, which means that the image is viewable left-to-right or right-to-left with a vertical viewing angle of 90 degrees.


The result is a naturally viewable full-colour real-time 3D display that does not require any glasses. The display can have any number of people located within its field of view, with each person seeing a slightly different view, depending on their position, just like a real 3D object.

System outline

  • Projection array: 64 to 80 projectors
  • Holographic diffusion screen
  • GPU high performance render cluster
Rear-projection holographic Light-Field Display

Rear-projection holographic Light-Field Display


Typical Specifications

Screen Diagnoal 1.8m /72 inches(7 ft)
Field of View 70 degrees
Viewing distance 3.5m / 12ft
Refresh rate 25 frames/sec (video)
Resolution 72M rays
Colour 16M RGB
Size 3.1 x 2.2 x 2.9m (WxHxD)
Weight & Power 900 kg / 10 KW (max)
Useage Indoor only


  • Medical visualisation
  • Scientific data
  • Engineering design
  • Architecture

This display technology is available for purchase and customisation - for more info, please contact