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Welcome to our archive of popular video content, which gives you an insight into Holoxica's founder, their technologies and achievements in holographic 3D visualisation.

July 2018 - Holoxica founder Dr. Javid Khan is a featured MBA graduate from Edinburgh Business School. He followed the part-time programme that started as part of his doctorate in Photonics Engineering, also from Heriot Watt.


November 2017 - Holoxica founder Dr. Javid Khan interviewed by at the GIANT Health Innovation Event in London.


Summary of Holoxica's 3 generations of holographic video technology.


November 2016 - This is a brief overview of my story about the entrepreneurial journey from my basement to university to starting a hard-tech company.


November 2016 - Javid Khan, EngD, MEng, MSc, Founder of Holoxica, has been working on holographic technology over the past 7 years. Holographic technology uses the diffraction of light to create 3D images, and does not require eyewear as images appear in free-space.


November 2016 - Dr Javid Khan, Holoxica founder interviewed on FaceBook live - presenting a 3D holographic Atlas of the humany body aimed at medical students.


November 2016 - Sky News' Gemma Morris is peering beneath your skin at the GIANT Health Event, seeing the holograms that could transform medical training.


Flip-book version of the holographic 3D atlas of human anatomy. Showing over a dozen anatomic features including: upper body, lungs, heart, liver, skull, brain. Many holograms include multiple channels.


September 2016 - Holoxica has created the world’s first holographic 3D digital Human Anatomy ‘Atlas’ prototype. The film was made by STV, which was first broadcast on the Live at Five show.


June 2016 - Holoxica shares its experience of working with the ACTPHAST photonics innovation hub


Spring 2016 - Find out how Scottish Enterprise and EU funding, SME Instrument, helped Holoxica fund their development of a next generation volumetric holographic display.


June 2015 - CNN's Richard Quest explores what the future of photo-sharing might look like, from holograms to interactive car windows.


May 2014 - In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Dr Javid Khan presents holographic 3D technology.


March 2013 - The Gadget Show Future Special featuring Holoxica's technology shows our 3D digital holograms and announces our interactive holographic video display. Jason Bradbury, the show's presenter was impressed with the holographic display, he said the holographic image ".. is actually floating in clean air in front of my face".


March 2013 - Holoxica's second-generation display prototype produces 3D images floating in mid-air that can be altered in real time and viewed without glasses. It allows you to 'touch' icons in space and to do things like draw in mid-air.


Holoxica' first animated 3D holographic display was announced in 2010. The display includes a fixed number of different holograms that are interwoven into a proprietary holographic screen. Any of the pre-configured images can be selected in any order to make "flip motion" 3D animation giving the impression of motion. The resulting 3D image is suspended in mid-air and change in real time.