Digital Holo-printing

Our digital holograms allow you to visualise 3D data from every angle and illustrate details than can’t be viewed in 2D. Physically, the hologram looks like a sheet of plastic where the 3D image pops out when it is illuminated. They don’t require glasses and offer a degree of flexibility through channeling and animation.

Holoxica offers custom digital hologram design services to customers in medical imaging, scientific visualisation and engineering design. If you have something that is 3D and inside a computer then we can make a hologram out of it. This can be a scan, a CAD model, mathematical model, mesh data or even just a bunch of numbers ... you name it, we've done it .. we've made holograms from sub-atomic structures all the way to the scale of the universe!

Holoprinter Device

We can convert the data into full colour 3D holograms using advanced holographic printing technology. This holoprinter machine writes tiny holographic dots, known as hogel or holopixels, that contain a unique view of the scene from a slightly different perpective. The holopixel contains megabytes of information, requiring considerable graphics and image processing to compute all of these views. The holoprinter writes these holopixels into a photosensitive material using red, green and blue lasers, with a diameter of around 0.7 mm. This material can be a glass panel coated with silver halide (a photosensitive material) or a thin photo-polymer sheet that is laminated on to a rigid acrylic backing. For viewing, the digital hologram requires a simple LED for illumination to bring out the 3D image. As we can control each ray of light emitted from the surface of the hologram, it’s possible to include some limited animation within the hologram so we can view different images from different angles. A simplified diagram of the holoprinter is shown below.

An actual holoprinter devices is shown below.

Holographic Printing Machine, made by Zebra Imaging

Holographic Printing Machine, made by Zebra Imaging

Digital Holograms

Here are some specifications of the digital hologram:

  • Material: glass substrate (silver halide) or polymer/acrylic

  • Size: A4 (20x30 cm 8x12”) to A1 (80x60 cm; 32x24”; other custom sizes available

  • Viewing angle: upt to 120 deg

  • Colour: full 24-bit RGB

  • Orientation: vertical (wall mount) or horizontal (floor-mounted)

  • Up to 3 channels

  • A few seconds of animation


We provide one-to-one personal support for each of our customers. We walk with you, right from when you first contact us through to receipt of your product. We can also advise you on lighting, installation and presentation of your hologram. Our holograms have been presented in education, trade shows, exhibitions, museums, lobbies, universities, research institutes, hospitals ...

Data formats

We can make holograms from any kind of data, as long as it has a full 3D description.

  • Popular: Obj, GLTF, STL

  • Volumetric: Dicom, NRRD

  • Simluations & modelling: Mathematica, Matlab

  • Molecular PDB, MOL

  • Scans, point clouds, XYZ

  • Graphics: 3DS Max, Maya

  • CAD: AutoCAD, ProEngineer

  • Raw data/custom formats

It usually takes a couple of weeks to turn a design around: around 5-10 days for design and allow 10~15 days for manufacturing on the holoprinter.

For larger volumes, it is possible to make a "master" hologram and then use a holographic replication device to make copies. In the long run, this is better than making one-off prints.