holoViewer app

Holoxica’s advanced 3D visualisation app leverages our experience with extreme 3D graphics processing for holographic 3D rendering. Thi involves rendering every ray of light entering your eyes from mant angles. We developed the app for our own clients so that they could get an idea of what their content looks like from different angles.

The web/cloud version of the app is shown below - click through to try it out.



The visualisation app is built using the latest 3D graphics, web and cloud technologies including Sketchfab, WebGL and cloud computing. It can run on any PC, phone, tablet or embedded computer with decent graphics capabilities. It also compatible with some AR/VR headsets (not supported).

This technology is available to license. It is available free of charge to our own clients (restrictions apply).


Here are some of the main features:

  • Supports common 3D formats (obj, fbx)

  • Animation supported

  • Customised for a client

  • Gallery layout

  • Easy navigation

Stand-alone version

We also have a stand-alone version of this viewer with enhanced features, including a wider range of files, highly customisable that is designed for PCs (Mac/Windows/Linux embedded) with good graphics capabilities.

This is aimed at large-screen displays for exhibitions and trade shows.