Projection 3D Displays

Holoxica has partnered with Holografika to offer next-generation holographic 3D Displays that are capable of showing high resolution colour in real-time at video rates. The HoloVizio (TM) Light Field technology is based on a large array of projectors driving a holographic diffusion screen to produce a dense "field" of light rays. The projectors are driven by a server cluster that computes all of the rays corresponding to the 3D image from a wide range of angles (~70 degrees horizontal), in real-time. The HoloVizio 3D display is horizontal parallax, which means that the image is viewable left-to-right or right-to-left with a vertical viewing angle of 90 degrees.


The result is a naturally viewable full-colour real-time 3D display that does not require any glasses. The display can have any number of people located within its field of view, with each person seeing a slightly different view, depending on their position, just like a real 3D object.

System outline

  • Projection array: 64 to 80 projectors

  • Holographic diffusion screen

  • GPU high performance render cluster

Rear-projection holographic Light-Field Display

Rear-projection holographic Light-Field Display

Typical Specifications

Screen Diagnoal 1.8m /72 inches(7 ft)
Field of View 70 degrees
Viewing distance 3.5m / 12ft
Refresh rate 25 frames/sec (video)
Resolution 72M rays
Colour 16M RGB
Size 3.1 x 2.2 x 2.9m (WxHxD)
Weight & Power 900 kg / 10 KW (max)
Useage Indoor only


  • Medical visualisation

  • Scientific data

  • Engineering design

  • Architecture

This display technology is available for purchase and customisation - for more info, please contact

Medical Data Demos

Medical information shown on the 80WLT prototype and cinematic C80 displays. This was demonstrated at the GIANT Healthcare Event in London 2017.


Anatomy Visualisation

Real-time interactive visualisation of segmented CT and MRI data sets.

Interactive (Virtual) Reality Museum

Showing scanned historical artefacts and cultural heritage on a Holovizio 720 display.

Volumetric Data Modelling

Veiled Chameleon dataset for scientific data visualisation.