Light field display solution

Looking Glass With Processor and Software

Holoxica is offering a fully integrated 3D display solution, which includes the following hardware and software components:.

System outline


Actual photo of the light field display and processor unit running Holoviewer software

Actual photo of the light field display and processor unit running Holoviewer software


Looking Glass 3D Light Field Display

Looking Glass display specifications in more detail.

Screen Diagonal 15.6 inches (~40 cm)
Field of View 50 degrees
Angular Resolution 45 views
Spatial Resolution 8.29 Million rays
Viewing volume 8.3 litres
Viewing distance 1.0 m typical
Video 60 frames/sec, 24 bit RGB colour


Light Field Processor Unit

Light field processor specifications in more detail.

Computation CPU 3.5 GHZ quad-core Ryzen 3, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 500 GB SSD
Graphics GPU 1.41 GHz 2304 Cores, 8GB DDR6 RAM, PCIe x16
Operating System Windows 10, Ubuntu Linux
Polygons 2 ~ 3 Million
Vertices 1.5 Million
Points 4 ~ 5 Million
Angular Resolution 45 views
Refresh rate Up to 60 frames/sec (video)
Video Interfaces HDMI, Displayport x3

STAV screenshot.png

Holoviewer Visualisation Software

Holoviewer is designed to showcase 3D models and animations for public presentation in trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, museums and so on.

3D Model Visualisation

  • Scene manipulation: pan, zoom, rotate

  • Playback for animations, model spin

  • Animations, channeling

  • User annotations, labelling, text

Advanced visualisation

  • Scene lighting

  • User-defined camera paths (for animation)

  • Environment maps

  • Screenshots


  • Holoprinter renderer

  • Multiview rendering for Light Field displays

Data Formats

  • Common graphics: OBJ, gltf, fbx

  • 3D Printing: STL

  • Volumetric: Dicom, nrrd

  • Mathematics: Matlab, Mathematica

  • Molecular: PDB, MOL

  • Scan: point cloud, XYZ, sonar, LiDAR

  • Graphics design: 3DS Max, Maya, Blender

  • CAD: AutoCAD, ProEngineer

  • Custom data, raw data


  • Medical education and training

  • Scientific data visualisation

  • Simulation

  • Engineering design

  • Architecture & construction

  • Maps and surveys

  • Military & aerospace


Holoviewer for Medical Education

Our Holoviewer software has an an entire collection of human anatomy models as well as surgical visualisations.

Overview of the Looking Glass display

Courtesy of the Looking Glass Factory.

Engineering design

Visualisation of complex engineering designs. Courtesty of Looking Glass Factory.