Preliminary info

Looking Glass 3D Light Field Display

Holoxica partner Looking Glass Factory has a 15.6 inch light field display that is capable of showing full-colour 3D animations without needing glasses or a headset. The display comprises an LCD screen, lenticular array and a perspex block as a combiner. It can show 45 unique view points within a viewing angle of 50 degrees. It supports popular graphics software frameworks such as Unity out of the box; Unreal Engine is in development. It also runs Holoxica’s Holoviewer app and content.

Actual photo of the display showing a 3D model

Actual photo of the display showing a 3D model


System outline

  • Looking Glass Factory light-field display: 15.6 inches (8.9 inches also available)

  • Light-Field Processor unit (or Graphics Workstation)

  • Holoxica Holoviewer software app

Actual photo of the light field display and processor unit

Actual photo of the light field display and processor unit


Display Specifications

Screen Diagonal 15.6 inches (8.9 inches also available)
Field of View 50 degrees
Angular Resolution 45 views
Spatial Resolution 8.29 Million rays
Viewing volume 8.3 litres
Viewing distance 1.0 m typical
Refresh rate 60 frames/sec (video)
Colour 16M RGB
Interfaces HDMI, Displayport, USB
Power consumption 20 W
Dimensions 36.8 x 17.5 x 24.4 cm (L x W x H)
Weight 8.4 kg / 18.6 lb
LGF 15 inch mechanics.png

Data Formats

  • Common graphics: OBJ, gltf, fbx

  • 3D Printing: STL

  • Volumetric: Dicom, nrrd

  • Mathematics: Matlab, Mathematica

  • Molecular: PDB, MOL

  • Scan: point cloud, XYZ, sonar, LiDAR

  • Graphics design: 3DS Max, Maya, Blender

  • CAD: AutoCAD, ProEngineer

  • Custom data, raw data


  • Medical education and training

  • Scientific data visualisation

  • Simulation

  • Engineering design

  • Architecture & construction

  • Maps and surveys

  • Military & aerospace


Overview of the Looking Glass display

Courtesy of the Looking Glass Factory.

Medical Education

We have an entire collection of human anatomy models as well as surgical visualisations.

Animation & Computer Graphics

Using standard 3D design and modelling tools.

Engineering design

Visualisation of complex engineering designs. Courtesty of Looking Glass Factory.