Holographic 3D Solutions

Holoxica is a hard-tech company specialising in a range of holographic 3D visualisation solutions from static images to video displays. Holographic technology does not need glasses or any eyeware. Images appear in mid-air and are viewable naturally with the naked eye.






Holoxica can make static digital holograms from any kind of dataset including medical scans, scientific data or engineering designs. We have holographically imaged everything from sub-atomic particle physics to models of the universe; and even mapped the entire human anatomy.






Our digital holograms allow you to visualise 3D data from every angle and illustrate details than can’t be viewed in 2D. They are cutting edge, captivate audiences, don’t require glasses and offer interactivity through channelling and animation.

Teaching the true 3D structure of the human body to medical students can be challenging when teaching material is largely all in 2D. We hope that this Hologram and others that we make in future, will introduce our students to a novel and innovative way of visualising 3D anatomy.
— Prof. Gordon Findlater- Professor of Translational Anatomy, University of Edinburgh

Holoxica has successfully demonstrated several generations of holographic video displays that can create moving images in mid-air. We have patented and won several awards for this technology; and it has been featured on TV. The Gadget Show presenter, Jason Bradbury, says our interactive holographic display will "blow your minds". We are now commercialising this technology by putting it into our partners' products.

If you want to learn more about licensing or how to embed these holographic video displays into your application then contact us.




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