Holoxica has applied digital hologram technology to architectural designs. Most of the work we have done in this area is in industrial and commercial buildings such as train station, airport, laboratory, factory and offices. Some examples are shown below.


Biotech Lab at the University of York

This digital hologram is a high-tech bio-renewables laboratory for research into genetics, chemistry and materials. The idea is to develop greener manufacturing technologies based on plants, microbes and bio waste as raw materials. Holoxica was commissioned by Bouygues Engergies & Services, who designed and built the Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC). The 60x85cm hologram contains four views of the second floor, including the roof on/off and various aspects of the facilites available including laboratory space, offices and machinery.


A example architectural digital hologram of an office building with four different views (channels) from each side. The hologram is being rotated on a turntable. Each channel shows a different layer of information, starting with the whole building with the roof on; followed by the top floor, ground floor and basement.