The HMS Royal Oak was a Revenge-class battleship of the British Royal Navy, the first battleship sunk in the Second World War whilst she was anchored in the Scapa Flow, off the coast of Orkney, Scotland. She was torpedoed by a German U-47 submarine on October 14, 1939, and lost 833 of her crew. The incident was particularly tragic because it happened so quickly so close to shore.

In 2006, the Salvage & Marine Operations unit of the UK Ministry of Defence commissioned Archaeological Diving Unit Surveys (ADUS), a collaboration between St Andrews University and Dundee University, to provide sonar images of the Royal Oak. ADUS contacted Holoxica to see if it was possible to put the sonar scan into a 3D hologram. Holoxica took the 1.1M point cloud dataset and made a horizontal digital hologram.


The 3D data set can be manipulated and viewed here …


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  • News article by Imaging & Machine Vision Europe, Jul 2012