Holoxica created the world’s first ever holographic 3D digital Human Anatomy ‘Atlas’ prototype - a realistic depiction of deeper anatomical structures which gives teaching hospitals, medical schools and research centres  a detailed interpretation and perspective of the underlying anatomy. The Holographic 3D Anatomy Atlas is a joint collaboration between Holoxica and Professor Gordon Findlater, Professor of Translation Anatomy at The School of Biomedical Sciences, the University of Edinburgh.

Over the years, Holoxica has mapped the entire human body, including all organs, into digital 3D holograms. We have pioneered techniques for image processing 3D medical data from CT, MRI and Ultrasound scanners into full colour digital 3D Holograms. The company has made significant breakthroughs by creating a number of ‘world first’ digital hologram designs – among them e.g.  a liver from Ultrasound Scan, brain fibres from MRI and lungs from CT scanning.

Every hologram image is illustrated and annotated on the opposite page of the atlas which contains 11 pages and 13 holograms. All but one of these pages contains a ‘channelling’ feature which enables the viewer to move around the hologram and see directly ‘inside’ organs where different layers are stripped away.

We are now working towards viewing all of this data on holographic 3D video displays.

Press articles

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