holoViewer app

Holoxica’s advanced 3D visualisation app leverages our experience with extreme 3D graphics processing for holographic 3D rendering. This involves rendering every ray of light entering your eyes from many angles. We initally developed the app for our clients to preview the holograms we were designing for them. We also used it for in-house rendering of digital holograms, which often involves the production of thousands of images.

STAV screenshot.png


Holoviewer is designed to showcase 3D models and animations for public presentation in trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, museums and so on. It works on regular 2D monitors and 3D light field displays (in real-time) as well as digital holograms (offline rendering).

The visualisation app is built using the latest 3D graphics, web and cloud technologies including ThreeJS and WebGL. It requires a modern graphics card (GPU), we recommend the Nvidia GTX 1070 or 1080 as a minimum; and the newer RTX 2070. This technology is available to license and it is embedded within some of our products.

The product can work on any suitably equipped computer and can be used on regualar 2D screens as well as emerging 3D Light-Field displays. Holoxica can customise this for clients as well as provide the 3D content based on client data.


3D Model Visualisation

  • Scene manipulation: pan, zoom, rotate

  • Playback for animations, model spin

  • Animations, channeling

  • Scene background

  • User annotations, labelling, text

  • Wireframe view

Model Management

  • Galleries

  • Versioning

  • Download models from cloud

Advanced visualisation

  • Scene lighting

  • User-defined camera paths (for animation)

  • Environment maps

  • Screenshots


  • Holoprinter renderer

  • Multiview rendering for Light Field displays

  • Video generation


  • PC with modern graphics card

  • Operating system: MacOS, Windows, Linux

  • Network (for installation)

Medical Education and Surgical Planning

Ariel Scans of Buildings

Holoviewer on Looking Glass 3D Light Field Display


The app can be used with large-screen displays for exhibitions and trade shows. Equally, it can be used to drive Light-Field 3D displays.

We have a whole collection of medical 3D images (anatomy, surgery), scientific data and engineering designs.

The technology is available for licensing.

Our main application domains are the following:

  • Medical education and training

  • Scientific data visualisation

  • Simulation

  • Engineering design

  • Architecture & construction

  • Maps and surveys

  • Military & aerospace