Holoxica works like a boutique engineering company offering a full range of solutions and services to clients and partners. Holographic technology is positioned at the extreme end of optics, known as diffractive optics. We have experience with nano-technology, photonics, quantum technology and artificial intelligence.

We have conducted work on the application of holographic technologies for clients in the Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Scientific and Industrial (Oil & Gas) sectors. Solutions include hardware, software, 3D graphics/media. We can do anything from making a giant digital hologram of your product in a trade show to enabling people to draw images in mid-air!

We start from ideas or concepts and go all the way to design and realisation of prototypes that can be deployed in real-world scenarios. Our process starts with a feasibility study leading to designs that can be taken forward into prototypes.


Feasibility Studies

Static and dynamic holographic technology is relatively new and not well understood. Many clients confuse optical illusions with holographic tech, many of which are not practical or even within the realms of physics. There are many holographic techniques and methods with differing constraints, design rules and characteristics. The work may include brainstorming, requirements, specifications, operating environment, scenario analysis or market analysis (if relevant). The study results in a document with a number of choices for further investigation towards design or prototypes.



Consultancy & Design

We offer our services on a consultancy basis for full solutions from initial ideas and designs to simulations, mock-ups and testing implementations. We work with a wider network of partners to fabricate key components, which are then integrated into a "full stack" solution comprising hardware, software and content. Our core expertise is in the following areas:

  • Holographic/diffractive optics

  • Digital holograms

  • Embedded electronics (sensors, FPGA, microprocessors)

  • Software: image/signal processing, real-time, applications

  • Artificial Intelligence (for user interfacing)

  • Computer graphics design and content



Proof of Concept & Prototyping

Once we have a design, we can realise physical and virtual prototypes. We offer complete end-to-end solutions including small-series manufacturing, assembly, integration and test. Prototypes can work stand-alone or be integrated into the client's product.

We fabricate key components through our network of partners, which can include diffractive optical elements, holographic elements, digital holograms, custom optics or other photonic devices. These can be fabricated via a variety of techniques including photolithography, e-beam, direct writing, classic interference or diamond turning. The components are integrated into a system combining other optics, electronics (including custom PCBs) and mechanics (includes 3D printing). On the software side, we have the complete stack from low-level software (drivers, control) through to algorithms (including AI) and apps. We are also able to produce the 3D content and graphics for presentation to the end-user.