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Demo of Looking Glass 3D Display at Heriot Watt

Holoxica presents the Looking Glass 3D Light Field video display. It enables us to animate full colour 3D images in real-time. No glasses or headsets are required and multiple viewers can see the 3D image simultaneously (typically 3 to 5 people). It can directly replace current AR/VR headsets, which are inconvenient, uncomfortable and a big barrier to 3D visualisation. The image quality approaches that of our digital holograms, with the advantage that the images can be changed. The image size is 15.6 inches (~40 cm).

The complete solution includes a Light Field Processor unit and our Holoviewer app suite. In terms of content, it can show all types of data including computer graphics, animations, point clouds, volumetric and many other formats. We have an extensive library of medical anatomy models, surgical procedures, biomedical, scientific visualisations, engineering designs and other complex data (point clouds, LiDAR, CT/MR etc).

Dr Javid Khan will be demonstrating this technology in the main atrium of the Postgraduate Centre on Friday 7th Jun 2019, betwee 10:30 and 17::00 - let us know if and when you could come! Please bring along any students, researchers or forward this email to anyone else who may be interested.

The demo is part of the Applied Photonics conference:

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