Internships at Holoxica

Holoxica is a tech company located at CodeBase in Edinburgh. We are working on disruptive holographic 3D technology for visualising medical and scientific images. Holographic tech creates full 3D images in mid-air without the need for glasses or eyeware: just like "Star Wars". The technology is positioned beyond current VR and AR systems. Our solutions include digital holograms and the next generation of Light Field Displays.

Holoxica is a genuine high-tech company with many opportunities at the leading edge of future technology. We have a flexible working environment and value entrepreneurship, creative thinking and innovative solutions to technical and business problems. Holoxica offers a highly stimulating dynamic environment for their staff to thrive and work creatively.



Medical Visualisation Designer / Artist

Holoxica is working to produce content on the Looking Glass 3D Display, which is driven by our Holoviewer software suite. We have already imaged the whole of human anatomy and are now working on surgical procedures. We are looking for a Medical Visualisation artist/designer to work with our tools to annotate these and to create new content for medical education and training.

The work involves:

  • Using our Holoviewer app to create annotations around anatomy and surgical models

  • Creating new models and animations

  • Working with our team on new features for the tool


  • Good general knowledge of 3D graphics design tools

  • Expert knowledge of 3DS Max

  • Modelling and animation

  • Scene creation, lighting, rigging, rendering

  • Good knowledge of human anatomy

We are looking for an intern to perform these tasks over a 10-week period. This is a paid internship. If you are interested, please apply via the form below. Deadline for applications: 15th July 2019. This application is now closed.


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