Welcome to Holoxica

Holoxica is a leading supplier of 3D holographic solutions. We use state of the art technology to generate holograms that astonishes and amazes viewers. Our vision is to make holographic display technology easily accessible and affordable worldwide and our mission is to become a leading supplier of standard and custom hologram solutions.

Printed 3D Digital Holograms

Holoxica has a solid track record in the design and production (with partners) of full-colour digital 3D holograms. Compelling to see, these holograms are cost-effective, lightweight and portable. There are no moving parts and all you need is a light to make the 3D image pop out of the hologram. We can make multiple copies if needed. The digital holograms are comfortable to view and easy to share and use.

We make digital holograms from any kind of dataset including computer graphics, mathematical models, scans (CT/MRI/Ultrasonic, lidar, sonar) or even video sequences. They are often used for visualizing costly, complex or critical information in medical imaging, scientific modelling, engineering design, terrain mapping and simulation. The holograms are used in education, at conferences, exhibitions or corporate lobbies. If you work in 3D and want to showcase your work in real 3D then our prints are ideal.

For standard holograms visit our Products page, or contact us for a Custom Quote or to find out more about our custom design services.

Award-winning holographic display research

We have successfully innovated and demonstrated an interactive holographic video display. Our pioneering technology was recently featured on the UK Channel 5 TV programme The Gadget Show, and it will ‘blow your minds’, according to the presenter,  Jason Bradbury. Our  interactive holographic display creates moving images in mid-air and users can draw in space, play games or press icons and buttons. We plan to make evaluation kits available soon, please contact us for more information.

New and exciting – Holoxica is there at the cutting edge – Real hologaphic 3D: the way it’s meant to be.