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For teaching, outreach & public engagement.


Development of next generation holographic video technology.

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Models of laboratories, factories, airports, train stations or offices.

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Engineering Design

Visualisation, planning & presentation of complex and challenging structures.

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Big Science

Celebrating the Higgs Boson discovery and 2013 Nobel Prize Award!

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Latest News

UN International Year of Light Article


What is a hologram?
And other Frequently Asked Questions


Digital 3D Holograms

Our digital holograms allow you to visualise 3D data from every angle and illustrate details than can’t be viewed in 2D. They are cutting edge, captivate audiences, don’t require glasses and offer a degree of interactivity through channelling and animation.




true3d-iconTrue 3D Images.

Our glasses free 3D printed images are illuminated by a light (L.E.D. or Halogen) and pop out in mid air.

fullColour-iconFull-Colour or Monochrome.

We can print holograms in old fashioned monochromatic green or in full colour (RGB).

channeling-iconChanneling & Animation.

One print can contain multiple images to create an animation or to display up to 4 separate views.

costEffective-iconCost Effective & Reproducable.

In addition to being cheaper than physical models, our prints can be easily reproduced using the same 3d datasets.


The lightweight nature of our holograms makes them easy to transport and setup, at only 6mm thin.

Industries we serve.

Medical Imaging
We design holograms using data
from medical scanners
(CT Scan, MRI etc.) to serve
hospitals and medical students for informative and display purposes.
Scientific Visualisation
We make holograms from
3D representations (point cloud,
mesh, custom data) for scientific applications ranging from
particle physics to astronomy.
Engineering Design
We make holograms from 3D
CAD and graphics models of
machinery in the Energy,
Automotive, Aerospace and
other sectors.
Architecture & Construction
Our holographic prints enable
architects to show clients their
designs in a cost-effective way. 
Channeling allows us to show
multiple views.



Holographic Video Display R&D

We have innovated and successfully demonstrated two generations of holographic video displays that can create moving images in mid-air. We have patented and won several awards for this technology; and it has been featured on national UK TV. The Gadget Show presenter, Jason Bradbury, says our interactive holographic display will "blow your minds". We are now developing the next generation display.


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We are now commercialising this technology by putting it into our partners' products. If you want to learn more about licensing or how to embed these holographic video displays into your application then contact us.